GrabGo uses your private information in the following way.

Phone number:

Your phone number is used to identify you as a unique individual.
It is used to send you important information regarding your order via SMS.
It is used by GrabGo customer service representatives to reach you in case of any grievance raised by you or to communicate any modifications to your existing order.

Home and Office Location Data:

GrabGo will never share this data with 3rd party individuals.
GrabGo uses this data to help you discover quality stores along your commute routes.
GrabGo uses this data to send your directions to shop after placing an order.


GrabGo uses your email to communicate important information about your order.
GrabGo may share your email with 3rd party services to give you a more integrated shopping experience.
GrabGo uses your email to contact you regarding any grievance that you may raise.

Real-time location:

GrabGo may use your real-time location to inform the seller about your arrival time.
GrabGo may use your real-time location to discern whether an order can be placed at a particular store and restaurant of your choice.
GrabGo shall not share your real-time location with any 3rd party services