Refund Policy

  1. An order cancelled less than 1 hour before pickup time is not eligible for refund.
  2. An order is not eligible for refund if the vendor has already fulfilled and billed it (seen as “order ready” in app/website)
  3. Item swap can be discussed and completed directly with the vendor at the time of pickup.
  4. Refund will be issued by GrabGo only in one of the following cases:
    1. You have placed an order, paid online and one or more items is not available with the vendor. Refund value will be equal to the value of goods that the vendor was unable to fulfil.
    2. You have placed an order, paid online and cancelled the order before the vendor has processed it or before 1 hour of the scheduled pickup time (whichever is earlier).
  5. For any refund related queries, kindly write to us here.